Our Initiatives

PerMentis identifies social issues that impact on society and businesses.

Adopting our approach of connecting and collaborating, we work closely with our partners and commit to creating integrated solutions to tackle the challenges for sustainable behavioural change – one initiative at a time.

We deliver sustainable behavioural change outcomes that result in a strong return on investment.

Our current initiative

FIFO Focus

The focus for PerMentis at the moment is in the FIFO (Fly-In Fly-Out) space. We are currently working on multi-faceted solutions to create a psychologically healthier approach to the FIFO arrangement.

Visit the FIFO Focus Website

Upcoming initiatives


Beyond the Athlete

Supporting athletes to score higher goals.

Untapped Generations

Untapped Generations

Maximising value in the generational cycle.

GR8 Expectations – Singapore

Gr8 Expectations

Building robust members of society.