PerMentis Services

PerMentis identifies social issues that impact on society and businesses. Adopting our approach of connecting and collaborating, we work closely with our partners and commit to creating integrated solutions to tackle the challenges for sustainable behavioral change – one initiative at a time.

Psychosocial Risk Assessments and Consulting

Psychosocial risk assessments are critical for identifying the current state, strengths and opportunities of an organisation as it relates to the WHS Act 2020. As a baseline tool, assessments can be used to facilitate a better understanding of what can and should be improved as it relates to the identified challenges. They are an important diagnostic for initiating any type of organisational and behavioural change intervention. Our assessment methods include desktop research, surveys, one‑on-one consultations and focus groups.

From these assessments, PerMentis can consult with organisations to implement solutions, whether it be the development of a strategy, framework, policies or programs.

Development and Delivery of Tailored Programs

Our programs, relating to various PerMentis initiatives, are bespoke, business-led and focus on leveraging what is already in place. As scientist-practitioners, we ensure our programs are valid and based on tested theories. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure contextual relevance, affordability, and delivered at a pace that is organisationally appropriate and sustainable.

Monitoring and Evaluation

PerMentis sees Monitoring and Evaluation as an important element of any change program for the following reasons:

  • it provides consolidated information about Initiative progress;
  • it offers paths for learning and improvements to incorporate into better practice;
  • it adds to the retention and development of institutional memory;
  • it provides a more robust basis for influencing policy.

With each Initiative, PerMentis provides an evaluation tool to allow organisations to track progress and issues which informs further action plans.

Enabling Support Services

The success of any change initiative are oftentimes enhanced with an enabling environment, access to support resources and increased internal capabilities. PerMentis and our partners offer a range of support services from which our clients can choose, at a time that is right for them.