What is PerMentis?


PerMentis evolved with a vision to solve current and future social challenges with a passion to make a difference. PerMentis takes its name from the combination of two latin words:

  • Per – through, by means of
  • Mentis – the mind

All initiatives aim to contribute to the social landscape through interventions that expand society’s standard way of thinking and behaving.

The core team members of PerMentis are fully registered psychologists. Our initiatives and interventions are therefore based on sound psychological evidence.

How we operate and what we value

Connect  Collaborate  Commit  Create  Conquer

As our tagline suggests, PerMentis is not about being competitive with services and products currently available but instead, looks for innovative ways to leverage a collaborative approach to solutions development.

PerMentis values the following:

  • Passion to make a difference.
  • Expand our thinking through innovation.
  • Respect for the contextual environment and challenges of our clients.
  • Multi-dimensional solutions: We aim to look at possible solutions through many lenses and learn from different disciplines.
  • Empowerment: Our initiatives need to create a sense of ownership and investment in the individuals and organisations with whom we work to ensure the positive impact continues without reliance on the PerMentis team.
  • Networks: PerMentis is acutely aware that there are many great minds. We intend to tap into the wisdom of those willing to share it.
  • Tolerance: We believe in the disposition to be patient and indulgent toward those whose views or practices differ from our own. Only then can we benefit from the power of differing experiences.
  • Inclusivity: We believe that everyone has the ability to make a difference and we will tap into this where possible.
  • Sustainability: We want to be here for society for a long time. As such, our work and our business need to be sustainable.